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I think that my marriage is falling apart right now, and it is hard to tell for sure. I do not want to ask my wife how she feels about it, because that would probably only serve to make things worse. One of the problems is that I am not able to perform in bed, and I guess that is the main problem in our relationship. I am not sure why I can’t give a better performance, but I have been browsing a pharmacy, click here to check them out. They are online and I want to see if I can find some sort of medication that will help to improve my performance in the bedroom.

My main problem is with getting it up in the first place. Once that is taken care of, I also have a problem with keeping it up. But the first part is the biggest problem, because a lot of the time, by the time that I do manage to finally get it up, my wife is no longer in the mood, and rather she is just ready to go to bed. It is very frustrating to be in that sort of situation, but it is my life.

I feel a bit betrayed by my biology, and I hope that I can fix everything with a pill. I am not sure which sort of male enhancement drug would work the best for me. I wish I could just get samples of the different ones that are on the market, such as Viagra and try them, and see what the results are. Then I could figure out which one works the best for me, and order a supply of them. One way or another though, I need to find a way to put together a better performance in the bedroom or I am going to lose my wife.

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