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In my beginning days as a real estate investor, I relied on other people to find out about each new property launch. This gave me some properties to work with, but eventually it wasn’t good enough, because other people would beat me to the punch when it came to getting to the properties. I needed to be quicker than the rest, so I started looking for my own sources. I scoured the Internet for the most reliable source that would tell me about property launches, and I came across one website that compiled all of the information about properties.

The website was a convenient tool for me because it made the process of finding a property as simple as turning on my computer, opening my web browser, and clicking on a link. I could even browse the website from my phone, so I while I was checking out another property in person, I could look up another one on the phone and drive to that location when I was done with the first property. I could essentially do war driving from property to property without having to stop a home for an update on which locations were available, which saved a lot of time.

When comparing my results before using the website and after using it, the website gave me better results. I became a more efficient investor by being able to buy more in a shorter period of time, and I was also able to get the best deals from the properties that I was purchasing. My old source for property information asked me how I was finding out about the properties so much faster than him, and I told him that I was using a special website to make it all happen. He begged me to help him and offered me money.

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