Finding an Affordable Room to Let in Edinburgh While Earning My Degree

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Postgraduate studies does not mean you have a lot of money to rent a flat. For me it was work and school and not much of anything else. I was taking the fast track to my doctorate. I did not mind the minimal social life and many hours spent in research and studies. Where I would not compromise was my living space. When I was looking for a room to let in Edinburgh, I insisted on a private bathroom and no shared space. I had enough of that in dormitory living when I was earning my first degree. It is one thing to share a water closet or shower space with a spouse. It is quite a different thing to need to share a bathroom with a stranger. Some flats available do have shared spaces like that. I found a nice place that you can have your own bathroom.

When you are trying to save money on a flat as a student, you usually have to make a lot of compromises in the quality of place you are leasing. Not the case for the room to let in Edinburgh that I found. The furniture is nice, the flat is very clean and the bed is comfortable. Nothing was old, smelly or worn out. Even the sofa was covered to protect it. Don’t get me wrong. The flats are not giant apartments. They are affordable rooms to let. I’m quite comfortable in mine. I have a desk, comfortable bed, bookshelves, closet space and more. The private bathroom is a much appreciated feature though they do have flats were two share a bathroom if you want to save even more. The owner I lease from is very conscientious about keeping up the properties. I will be renewing my lease and keeping this space until I earn my next degree.

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