I Wanted to Watch My Favorite Show

I thought that I would be able to watch all of the TV shows that I enjoy online. I figured that would save me money from having to subscribe to cable or satellite TV. That lasted all of a week when I found out that one of my favorite TV shows was only available the traditional way. I actually considered just not watching it, but that did not last that long either. Few things give me enjoyment, and that is one of them. I decided to learn more about Time Warner Cable and DirecTV to see which one of the two would offer me the best deals.

I knew that they both already carried the channel that has my favorite show on it, so I had to look at other factors in order to determine which one was the best choice. Price was obviously the main factor, but I knew I had to look beyond that too. I looked at price, equipment and other channels available, and then I looked at the promotions that both companies were running in order to get new customers. By the time I was done researching everything, it was really no contest on which one I was going to go with.

DirecTV has so much to offer, and I liked that they actually have more channels for a lower price. While I am not a couch potato, I did like having such a wide range of choices for the evenings where I would plop myself on the couch and just watch a few hours of TV shows. I also liked that I get every single movie channel free for three months, because that would mean I could get caught up on a lot of movies that I had missed this past year. It really has turned into a good thing that I had to get DirecTV after all!

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