Numerous Possibilities – What Is Your Cause of Neck Pain?

The American Osteopathic Association, reports that over a quarter of Americans are affected by neck pain. Many people that suffer with this pain aren’t sure what their cause of neck pain is. There could be numerous causes of neck pain. In order to take further action to freedom and relief, it’s always best to know what caused your neck pain. Below we list some of the obvious causes of neck pain. See if one of them applies to you.Cause of Neck Pain

  • Pinched Nerve – Many times neck pain can be due to a pinched nerve that either started in the arm, lower back, or even leg. The cause of pinched nerves may be from an awkward position, a sudden movement or even from sitting too long or sleeping too much.
  • Poor Posture – Many people suffer from poor posture. Poor posture doesn’t just mean being slouched over, but can also be an overly arched lower back. Many of us are often slouched over our desks daily, dealing with paperwork and typing away at our computers. This not only affects our backs but can lead to neck pain. For many, the posture they mold into is comfortable and they can’t stand straight without feeling tired or uncomfortable, due to lack of muscles in their core. Some people have poor posture due to the curvature of their spine, having their lower back curving inward too much.
  • Bad Pillow – Everyone’s sleeping posture and habits are different. Unfortunately, one pillow doesn’t fit all. Too soft or too firm, it’s your mission to find the one that best fits your sleeping posture and habits. I personally was a victim of neck pain due to my pillow being too soft and throughout the night I would sink into it, and it would cause a lot of strain in my neck. At the time, I was unaware that it was the pillow that was causing the problem.
  • Sudden Impact – If you had a car accident or jerked your neck from a sudden movement, this can be one of the causes of your neck pain. Car accidents, especially if rear-ended, can often cause tremendous neck pain due to the sudden impact on your spine.
  • Already A Victim Of Back Pain – If you already suffer from back pain, the pain can often lead up to your neck or spine, thus causing neck pain. Be sure to see a professional. Follow some tips or exercises to cure your back pain as it can lead to many other complications and problems, not just neck pain.
  • Being On The Computer Too Long – This, along with slouching over our desk, could be the cause of neck pain. Whether we are sitting on the couch, table, or desk, we often strain our necks by leaning forward towards the computer screen too much. Be sure to sit straight and not lean in.

These are just some of the causes of neck pain. If you already know your cause, be sure to list it in the comments below!

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