Started Looking for a Place on the Beach

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At the moment I have been living in one of the nicer apartments for rent in Jacksonville FL, but i have been thinking that I would like to live on the beach. I was checking out this place near Ponte Vedra Beach and I was thinking that it was not all that bad of a location for me. My job is in an office park on US 295 and it would be quite easy to get there from this place. Of course I like the idea of living on the beach. There is not too much to complain about it, so long as you do not get a lot of hurricanes. Obviously you make sure you get a place that can stand up to strong winds. I like to surf fish and pier fish, I like to do a bit of beachcombing. My grand dad had one of those metal detectors and I used to walk on the beach with him. Once in a while we would find something that was not junk and that was really fun.

Obviously it is nice to watch the girls on the beach too. You smile at them and if they smile back that is awesome. If they do not there is always another one coming after her. You get your a big ice chest and then you sit on the deck and cook steaks or burgers and franks. I am pretty sure that I would end up having a lot more friends wanting to come over for the weekend too. No one would be excited to come to the apartment where I am living now. It is sort of boring to put it mildly. It is a very nice place, but that is not all much to get excited about when you look out the window.

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